Ground Zero for Bern Victims

Shame on Bernie Sanders for placing sycophantic formalities ahead of his responsibility as an opposition leader. What a sad day for the #grassroots who trusted and believed in him. I am not a #progressive Democrat but I once was. I still carry many of the same values with me as a Libertarian (minus the coercion).

I had a lot of hope that the surge of activity around #Bernie would succeed in breaking the stranglehold of the oligarchy but having participated in the Ron Paul Revolution and seeing how they squashed us like bugs using many of the same tactics I had a feeling this day would come.

When the concession speeches and the endorsements finally come it is a twist of the knife that leaves our idealism feeling dead inside. Please know that if you are looking today for a place which honors and welcomes your idealism, the Libertarian Party is so much more than its mainstream critics have told you.

If you have any questions about how I see my values as a classical #liberal made possible by implementing #libertarian policy ideas, please let me know!! I would be glad to share with you the beauty of the vision of a world set free in our lifetimes. #NeverHillary


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