Mob Justice is Predictable When the State Fails at Justice

I’m hearing this idea that the cops in Dallas were there protecting freedom of speech and assembly. In fact, that is a lie. What we saw in Oakland with the highway blocked for hours was a much healthier expression of the magnitude of public outrage yesterday. You will notice that while Oakland was more disruptive, it was also more peaceful. Meanwhile, in Dallas the cops conspired to suppress what could otherwise have been a very empowering statement.

True street demonstrations are intended to disrupt business as usual. They don’t ask permission from the oppressors, they don’t march where the oppressors instruct them to march, and they don’t move along quickly as their oppressors would like so traffic can resume. When cops work together with political marches they aren’t really “protecting” protesters, they are managing the disruption on behalf of the ruling class with intent to neuter or minimize social movements.

It’s really important when planning a demonstration that organizers NOT collaborate with the oppressors. A good raucous street demonstration can vent frustration in ways that controlled ones can’t. When you see organizers collaborating with their oppressors you know their organizers weren’t sophisticated enough to decline – they bought the very dangerous lie that the oppressors wanted to help.

When ordered justice is obstructed with show trials, verdicts of not guilty, and paid vacations for murderers then eventually that will boil over. A street demonstration is what things look like when they begin to simmer, and when the state puts a lid on that with the very oppressors themselves pointing the crowd where it is most convenient for the status quo and least empowering for the crowd it accelerates the process.

As ever, the state is causing the very problem it claims to solve. They need to get out of the way, stop controlling our demonstrations, stop murdering our people, disband the standing army among us that takes the form of a deadly police and surveillance state, and let every individual blossom unhindered as is our birthright in a so-called land of the free.

Please don’t twist my words into a condonement of violence. In this post I am recognizing the relationship between ordered justice and mob justice. State power is the problem, not the solution … I believe deep in every heart is an authentic desire for liberty and justice for all. A peaceful and prosperous world is possible … Together we can get there if we try.


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