Paleolibertarianism Must Die

This is difficult to look at but it’s important for Libertarians to understand. The reason we have this problem with the alt-right and lack of diversity is not because Republicans stole our brand, a conspiracy of liberal media/academia, that non-conforming identities just don’t get it or anything else.

It is because a group of rich white cishet males in the late 80’s / early 90’s decided that building an alliance of fringe right identities was a great idea, and so they used their cultural privilege to assert dominance over the movement in a nascent stage of its growth and push the misfits, the hippies and the racial minorities away. It was not accidental, they did it on purpose, and they are the reason we can’t have nice things today.

If we want to overcome the legacy of this failed and disgusting idea then voices which contradict theirs must be heard, loud and often, speaking a bold and unapologetic message of liberty for all – and by all I mean ALL – with clarity and vision.

This article appeared in an influential publication and becoming familiar with it will help you recognize echoes of these talking points in our modern movement so you can zero in on contradicting them. I am sorry you have to see this but it is important.

The article appears on page 34:

Liberty Magazine, January 1990


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