Rome is the Substitute Game of Thrones

After watching both seasons of Rome on Amazon Prime and wishing there were more, I’ve gained this weird fascination with the Roman culture and particularly its politics.

My entire understanding was more or less contained by having memorized Mark Antony’s “Friends, Romans, Countrymen” speech from the Shakespeare in high school. Which is to say that it all lived in this weird compulsory school lobe of my brain that has no relationship whatsoever to anything in real life.

All of sudden I am alive with the knowledge that these names I’ve heard floating around over the years: Cicero, Cleopatra, Caesar, Cato … They are REAL HUMAN BEINGS who actually lived at the same time as each other and were engaged in intrigue that I can understand and the humanity of which I can relate to. OMG NEWS FLASH!!!!

So yeah … I recommend the series to anybody who is coping with the aftermath of having to wait another year for Game of Thrones. #GOT Not only will the series itself fascinate you, but although they did take some creative license with the timeline, it is close enough to historical reality that it will open a door through which you can start learning about that period of history with a little more clarity.

I had to chuckle this morning reading the Wikipedia, thinking about how passionately they may have worked at politicized edits to their entries had they been alive today. Humans!! The more we change, the more we stay the same. <3

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