Johnson / Weld Snub Libertarians Again

It makes me sad that Johnson/Weld would fill their administration with old party bureaucrats instead of trusting their own party members with promotions to jobs we are surely capable of. Especially since (one would hope) those agencies would be vastly reduced in cases where not eliminated and they claim to be such effective executives. Are we not good enough to grow into those positions? Or are they just unwilling to nurture our growth?

Plenty of us have really solid career experience that would make us capable of taking those roles and I’m not sure why they believe that would be such an antipartisan move. It seems to me only natural, the reason the hierarchy is already staffed with old party members is because they appoint their own when they are in charge. Why wouldn’t Libertarians do the same?

I’m glad Reason is out in front of vocalizing questions like these because the party is in a really awkward position where our leaders can only keep the peace by biting our tongues and there’s a lot of peer pressure to pretend everything is OK. Libertarians who speak out are criticized for being obstructionist even though it is the candidates who are going against the party in so many ways. It isn’t our fault they are acting like that. Where does the buck stop?

I think those are fair questions to ask.
#transparency #accountability #responsibility

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