Roll Your Own Mikester

Been thinking about whether to start an actual “fan page” for or just let people “Follow” my personal page. The thing is it only allows 5000 Friends so everybody else after that is in a sort of “Less Than” condition. However they can view and interact with everything else so it’s functionally equivalent.

The drawbacks of creating a fan page specifically on the other hand are 1/ the obvious, having to actually build up and maintain yet another social media audience (I have enough pages to maintain as it is) and 2/ one of my motifs is about inspiring other individuals to individual action, I am not trying to be a celebritarian in the traditional sense of that term. I don’t want “fans” I want to lead by example and placing myself on a pedestal is not part of that example. The subject is self-actualized living, not the self.

So ……….. I think I am going to stick with my individual page and where the content is helpful toward the purpose of organizing I’ll use it on the actual organizing pages. For example if I create some material about how some specific politican is a giant fraudulent coercionmonger I might share it on The NAP Pledge.

I’m probably going to push the launch date back from 8/31 but in any case it’s not exactly going to be populated with a whole lot of new content right at first anyway. I’m going to look back through my page and pull some of the more popular status updates as historical content but new stuff by definition doesn’t exist yet.

I’m working on a music video that’s going to be part of the announcement so being a one man show as well as a perfectionist these things take time. No wonder I was never able to accomplish this with so much busy work on my plate. What an exciting new chapter in my life!! #waitforit


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