I’m Already Against the Next Mass Murder (aka “War”)

I really can’t even believe this is controversial but apparently there are people who are totally OK with paying money to be made complicit in the mass murder of millions of people (aka “war”) who were never a threat to our safety and were obviously not among the 19 people who allegedly crashed planes on 9/11 since – wait for it – they died in those crashes.

So I will explain, I am against the next war because there is no “next” war, it is the same war that I’ve been against since it started, since my very first antiwar action when the war first started and it became necessary for me, as a man in my late 20s who had grown up in what I later learned wasn’t actually peace time but which I had been lulled into believing was, as many were, by the broadcast media culture of the 90’s and first learned that a world outside America existed when it allegedly attacked us on 9/11.

It did not take long after that awakening to see through the facade, as thankfully by the early ’00s the internet had grown active enough for everyday people to bypass the media and share information directly with one another. The state propaganda we were supposed to be ingesting along with our TV dinners, isolated in our living rooms began falling on deaf ears as social media in its infancy replaced it. I still remember my first blog on MySpace, though I had  been an early adopter of internet in ’93, I had gone several years in my mid 20’s without a computer and was only rediscovering life online in my quest for truth.

So I went through a phase of believing the Democrats were a real opposition party which fell apart pretty quickly. Then I went through my Alex Jones phase, which I think of now as the awkward adolescence of my awakening, and matured with exposure to the message of the 2008 Ron Paul R3\/0Lution which led me to the Libertarian Party.

Through all of those years I was against this monstrosity of a war. Maybe it was the non-conformist in me, the built in tendency as a gay man to already not fit in and therefore not be uncomfortable with the role of the misfit in the time when a great deal of peer pressure to play the part of the patriot was directed at everybody from poor young cannon fodder to the Dixie Chicks.

In those days there was a quite active antiwar movement, which as we all know evaporated the instant Obama was crowned the President elect. I will never forget the first rally following the election, one which had been scheduled on Facebook prior to, and had thus received a large number of RSVPs. However the new murderer in chief turned out to be from team Blue, and the crowd failed to materialize.

There we sat, about 15 of us in lawn chairs: a sad mixture of aging hippie progressives, the shell of what had been Occupy Wall Street, and the most active libertarians including me. In stunned silence. Wondering aloud where everybody was, while knowing inside exactly where they were and why. The looming specter of so many deaths to come, deaths that would happen with only the weakest cries of protest from a public deceived into silence by empty promises of “Hope” and “Change”.

We tried, we really did. We waved signs, that small group, we stood in solidarity, setting aside ideology and partisan differences and staying connected. We did five, maybe ten rallies, hoping the antiwar crowd would come back out.

But they never did.

So I’m against the next war, because there is no “next” war, it has been the same war since 2003 and in many ways for decades before that, and it will continue being that same war until the American people rise up. Maybe a Donald Trump presidency wouldn’t be so bad, though insufferable for Americans, Hillary will be just as much so, but at least under Trump the antiwar left would rematerialize to potentially save some lives overseas, and a whole lot of money funding the war machine, and the dignity of our nation which doesn’t even have the sense to understand that it has brought shame on itself through it actions.

Please don’t twist the prior sentence into an endorsement of Donald Trump, by the way. Lest I be mistaken.

Already Against the Next War

Me taking a picture of me with my sign.

To be abundantly clear: I am against this war, I am against the next President and the deadly popularity contest by which they will be elected, I am against the disgusting way Hillary Clinton has defrauded the GSM community to believe she stands for them, for no other reason than to climb our backs to power while doing nothing to liberate anybody but herself and her banker buddies, I am against the imperial war machine and global police state that holds the world’s population in its greedy power hungry fist, and I am against being made complicit in the mass murder of millions of people by stealing my money to pay for it against my will.


And because the empire doesn’t give a shit whether I’m against it or not, and very few of my siblings in this country give a shit either, there isn’t a whole lot I can do about it, but I do have the internet, and I do have a blog, and I do have a creative spirit and digital tools and the knowledge to use them. So I have taken this pair of totally meta pics, one of myself displaying my sign in solidarity with Antiwar.com’s effort to rally an online show of opposition, and the other of myself photographing myself with the sign, hoping to lead by example for others to see the process of photographic oneself.

See me taking a picture of myself doing an antiwar thing from my desk? See how easy it is? Look, it’s fun!! You can do it too.

I’ve added a PDF for your convenience so you can print and participate. Don’t forget to tweet your picture with the hashtag #WhyIamAntiwar!! Now, you too can show your dissatisfaction with being made complicit in the next – current – whatever – mass murder, and I really hope you do.

Millions of innocent people who won’t be alive much longer if you don’t, I am sure would be hoping you do too, if they weren’t busy trying not to get murdered in between trying to rebuild their cities in between burying their friends and family in between scavenging for resources in between almost getting murdered again and climbing back out of the rubble. Again.

Please, join us in being against this war. Please?


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