Fuck Respectability Politics

I feel like this weird authoritarian dynamic that is unfolding in the LPRC is probably not unlike the early stages of how it became necessary to have a “libertarian wing” of the party in the first place, and not unlike how an aristocracy rose up from the American revolution: this idea that some voluntary activities are more respectable than others.

I am grateful for that insight into how we got where we are today, crystallizing a series of related but not fully formed ideas I’ve been having lately about respectability politics and their relationship to political hierarchies and oppression. I’m more convinced than ever that The Libertarian Party Audacious Caucus is on the right track.

Yes there is a danger that somebody else’s idea of what is #audacious might shock my sensibilities, I mean human beings are super creative and I can’t predict what any of them might do. But that is the exhilarating risk we take to live in a free society. That united we can stand in the face of every form of tyranny over the human mind.

#fuckrespectabilitypolitics and #fuckyou

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