If a Radical Can Come Up With a Plan

Activism isn’t about making policy. That is for politicians to haggle over in the legislatures. #Libertarians can’t promise anything until we get there, since campaign promises necessarily can bind neither the opposition nor the people in the districts represented. What we can do is explain how we think about policy, what the vision for a world set free in our lifetimes looks like, and the many benefits that come from that vision.

Arvin Vohra developed a really good messaging strategy to help with this. Basically you explain the benefits of a specific abolition and then you tie an actionable cut to that benefit. For example, since I ran in CD9: “The world would be amazing if we abolished our foreign empire!! We would have more money and less terror if we no longer policed the world. If you elect me to represent you in AZCD9, I promise to introduce legislation that will close X number of bases and cut military spending immediately by X percent, and vote No on all new military spending.”

So you see then you are upholding the vision and at the same time looking at the window of time in which you will actually have influence over moving toward it. At no point is either thing separate from the other. They are unintelligible as independent ideas such that the voter is being persuaded by both short, mid and long term goals. That is the only way to implement a sustainable legislative strategy, since it will likely take several turnovers of congress.

The vision can’t be tied to a single personality or politician it has to rely on the people to carry it through to fruition. Anything less is impractical and naive. #principledpragmatism

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