Stop Purist Shaming in the Libertarian Party

I wish Johnson apologists would stop wringing their hands and catastrophizing the existence of critics inside the Libertarian Party. For one thing it’s obvious Johnson/Weld aren’t even trying to earn our votes. They have traded us for voters unfamiliar with libertarian philosophy who might not support it if they were.

Our existence mirrors the body politic itself, with its animated dialogue about the best direction for our country. Let’s not mince words: the political systems we choose for ourselves and thus the individuals we choose to implement those systems really is a life or death matter. History is full of examples, and graveyards are full of bodies, which demonstrate the consequences of choosing poor leadership.

That’s what makes it so irrational to think that people aren’t going to speak their mind during elections. Right now the general public has the most influence over who gains our consent to be governed. To expect anything less is to diminish the concept of consent in the matter and rob one’s fellow human of their agency over a life or death matter.

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Everybody who runs for office has supporters, and they all have critics too. It is the nature of the human experience that nobody can ever be all things to all people; it is an unfair and impossible burden to expect otherwise. Whether #Johnson’s critics are #Libertarians, or non-Libertarians, is of no consequence. The same is true of #Hillary, #Trump and #Jill too.

We are SUPPOSED to have this conversation during election season.

On November 8, 2016, Americans will go to the polls. Our votes will be cast (or not) for the people we feel have earned them (or not) – on the basis of whom, in the words of the Declaration of Independence, “to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.” My message to any candidates who want to earn our votes: place our safety and happiness ahead of your own ambitions. For only then, can you gain both.

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