Who Is Gary Johnson?

Aleppo is the 13th most populous city in the Middle East. Ahead of #Dubai, #Gaza and #Beirut. “What would you do about Beirut?” … “What would you do about Gaza?” … “What would you do about Dubai?” … These names stand out as epicenters of news stories in their own right.

Here is #Aleppo Google Trends history for the past year.

Aleppo first spiked in February of this year, again in late April / early May and again in late July through the month of August.

Just something to think about. I feel like if I were running for President against the existing geopolitical circumstances and I strongly felt diplomacy with #Russia would be helpful, I’d have imagined what that conversation would sound like.

It’s hard to say whether thinking through that would have cemented the particular place names in mind but I know I recognize “Aleppo” immediately today, even as a non-interventionist who doesn’t typically pay detailed attention.

I understand that the President gets security briefings that candidates don’t, but candidates do get briefings from their campaign teams especially for major interviews. It’s pretty undeniable this was an embarrassing oversight by Gary Johnson.

At a time when we are blaming the media for the public not knowing our candidate’s name, having our candidate not know a name that has been blasted across the news several times this year, it’s hypocritical to try and brush it off.

That’s all I really have to say … Moving on with my life now.


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