Pragmatic Is As Pragmatic Does

The notorious Clayton Hunt has a brilliant write up over at Liberty Hangout today:

[W]e should pursue a principled message with a pragmatic strategy, a truly pragmatic strategy. We should focus on the state and local races, both partisan races, and non-partisan. We should embrace the libertarian label and ideology, and build a set of victories that we can take back to those who ask what the Libertarian Party has done.

This really highlights one of my personal priorities of pushing back the narrative that says watering down the libertarian message is a pragmatic thing to do. That assertion is demonstrably false!! Just look at what happened to the Rand Paul campaign. In LINO circles even today it is considered apostasy to call out his failure on principled grounds. It was the liberal media, they say, or the GOP establishment, or principled Libertarians and conscientious non-voters.

NO. It was his misguided and completely fanciful belief that watering down and republicanizing libertarian ideas was the best way to appease a mainstream coalition. And guess what? It flopped. HARD.

The demand today in the political marketplace is for something different. As Judd Weiss so eloquently stated at the 2016 LP convention in Orlando, “If there’s two options for spreads, cream cheese or butter, offering a third option of blander butter is not going to sell.”

Choose pragmatism today, embrace principle and declare your independence!! #NeverButter


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