The NRA is a Dismal Failure

Gun control advocates really only have themselves to blame for abandoning justice circles to progressives. If they hadn’t spent decades cozying up to white supremacy, prioritizing the gun rights of cops and military, and worshiping at the altar of the GOP, the pro-2A left might actually have been able to find common ground with their peers on the right.

I’m glad organizations like Redneck Revolt and Phoenix John Brown Gun Club‚Äč are out there crafting innovative narratives that draw on the leftist roots of community empowerment and I hope together we’re able to reinvent what it means for the people to hold the balance of firepower necessary for the phrase “consent of the governed” to have any meaning whatsoever.

A people disarmed are a people enslaved!!



  1. Kimberly

    So the March for our lives is not about gun control but opposite? I try not to keep up with mainstream media these days or I should say any political media these days as I never used mainstream media but I assumed it was the other way around. If that’s the case I’m going to need to check it out! PS. Good to see you posting on here again!

    • Yeah they’re marching for gun control I’m just doing my part to reclaim the narrative. I’m excited to be posting again!! Thank you for your comments, that makes such a difference.

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