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Quick Thought on LPRC vs. Audacious Caucus

I haven’t thought about the “affinity group / diversity of tactics” paradigm for a while now as I haven’t been doing on-the-ground work in Phoenix very much over the last 12 to 18 months and haven’t needed to apply it … but it’s a super powerful idea when it comes to decentralized organizing that I’m going to start weaving into my online work. There will probably be one (or more) blog(s) about it shortly. I think it has a lot of potential to reduce friction without anybody needing to change who they are or what they value, because it doesn’t
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Fuck Respectability Politics

I feel like this weird authoritarian dynamic that is unfolding in the LPRC is probably not unlike the early stages of how it became necessary to have a “libertarian wing” of the party in the first place, and not unlike how an aristocracy rose up from the American revolution: this idea that some voluntary activities are more respectable than others. I am grateful for that insight into how we got where we are today, crystallizing a series of related but not fully formed ideas I’ve been having lately about respectability politics and their relationship to political hierarchies and oppression. I’m
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