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Ground Zero for Bern Victims

Shame on Bernie Sanders for placing sycophantic formalities ahead of his responsibility as an opposition leader. What a sad day for the #grassroots who trusted and believed in him. I am not a #progressive Democrat but I once was. I still carry many of the same values with me as a Libertarian (minus the coercion). I had a lot of hope that the surge of activity around #Bernie would succeed in breaking the stranglehold of the oligarchy but having participated in the Ron Paul Revolution and seeing how they squashed us like bugs using many of the same tactics I
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Mob Justice is Predictable When the State Fails at Justice

I’m hearing this idea that the cops in Dallas were there protecting freedom of speech and assembly. In fact, that is a lie. What we saw in Oakland with the highway blocked for hours was a much healthier expression of the magnitude of public outrage yesterday. You will notice that while Oakland was more disruptive, it was also more peaceful. Meanwhile, in Dallas the cops conspired to suppress what could otherwise have been a very empowering statement. True street demonstrations are intended to disrupt business as usual. They don’t ask permission from the oppressors, they don’t march where the oppressors
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