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Stop Purist Shaming in the Libertarian Party

I wish Johnson apologists would stop wringing their hands and catastrophizing the existence of critics inside the Libertarian Party. For one thing it’s obvious Johnson/Weld aren’t even trying to earn our votes. They have traded us for voters unfamiliar with libertarian philosophy who might not support it if they were. Our existence mirrors the body politic itself, with its animated dialogue about the best direction for our country. Let’s not mince words: the political systems we choose for ourselves and thus the individuals we choose to implement those systems really is a life or death matter. History is full of examples, and graveyards are full of bodies, which demonstrate the consequences
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Blood for Marriage? No Thanks!

I am being told that gay people *have* to support #Hillary because marriage. Really? I am sure the victims of American foreign policy would like to get married too but they can’t because we murdered them. Sometimes during their actual weddings! Hillary is covered from head to toe in innocent blood from working under the #Obama regime and whether she or #Trump seize power makes no difference to their targets. I choose #peace by looking outside the old parties. I don’t need #marriage that bad, not if it costs the lives of innocent people. What kind of a monster would make such
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