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Crawling in my Skin

You know how people say “don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good”? Well don’t listen, because they’re usually trying to sneak something lazy and mediocre past without you noticing. It’s never OK to let the “good enough” be the enemy of the “totally fucking awesome”. And that has pretty much always been my work ethic, even when the focus of my overachievement was how to self-destruct in the most badass way possible. Because self destruction is what badass looks like when it wants perfection and it can’t have it (there will be blogs about this #waitforit). Which brings me to
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Roll Your Own Mikester

Been thinking about whether to start an actual “fan page” for or just let people “Follow” my personal page. The thing is it only allows 5000 Friends so everybody else after that is in a sort of “Less Than” condition. However they can view and interact with everything else so it’s functionally equivalent. The drawbacks of creating a fan page specifically on the other hand are 1/ the obvious, having to actually build up and maintain yet another social media audience (I have enough pages to maintain as it is) and 2/ one of my motifs is about inspiring
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